Al-Qa'idah An-Nuraaniyyah

Learn how to read Arabic

Noor Al-Bayaan course or Al-Qa’idah An-Nuraaniyyah course is the first station in your Quranic journey. Anyone who wants to learn how to read Arabic to be able to read and learn Quran online or on ground should start with learning the Arabic alphabets. Therefore, Al-Qa’idah An-Nuraaniyyah course is tailored to fulfill this objective.

Its description:

  • This course is designed for beginners.
  • The learner, in this course, will start from the scratch in learning the Arabic Alphabets.
  • He/she will learn different letters and sounds.
  • He/she will develop the ability to distinguish between similar letters; the letters that share the same articulation point or share the same characteristics.
  • He/she will learn the short vowels which we call in Arabic “Harakat”; Fathah, Dhammah, and Kasrah.
  • He/she will learn the long vowels which we call in Arabic “Madd” letters; Alif, Waw, and Yaa.
  • Then, the student will learn and practice Sukoon.
  • Then, he/she will learn and practice Shaddah which means “two identical letters one with Sukoon and one with Harakah”.
  • Then, he/she will learn Tanween which is double Fathah, double Dhammah, double Kasrah. Tanween means to add extra Noon at the end of nouns in pronunciation not in writing.
  • Hence, the student will learn everything what we call in Arabic Tashkeel (diacritics).
  • Lastly, the student will learn about Hamzatul Wasl, Laam Shamsiyyah, and Laam Qamariyyah.
  • After that, he/she will learn how to form words then sentences.
  • Finally, he/she will practice some words and sentences from the Quran.
  • By the end of this course, the student will be able, Allah willing, to read from the Quran to start his journey in Quran recitation.

Al-Qa’idah An-Nuraaniyyah course is for kids and adults.

Kids can apply from 5 years old.

The duration for each class is 30 minutes.

With our highly qualified teachers, you and your kid will enjoy learning the Arabic alphabets as they will teach them in a funny and exciting way. They will use with them the recent techniques and will take them step by step till they master reading any Arabic text, especially the Quran.

Whatever your level or your child’s level, we can start with us to learn Quran online via Zoom or Skype.

Noor Al-Quran Academy offers group classes for kids to create encouraging and competitive environment for them. Moreover, it is very good for people who can’t afford private classes. Our aim is to serve our Muslims and spread the light of the Quran by all possible means.

We will organize quizzes and competitions for kids and will offer gifts and presents to the excellent students.

Learning languages is a very interesting and exciting experience… What if it is the language of Quran!

If you are keen to teach your kid the Quran and its language in an early age, you will do a GREAT favor for him//her and he/she will be grateful to you the rest of his/her life.

Start to learn how to read Arabic now!