Names and Attributes of Allah

Know Allah

Names and Attributes of Allah

Allah (SWT) created the creation, sent messengers, revealed Books in order to introduce Himself to His slaves. Therefore, the main objective of the Glorious Quran is to KNOW ALLAH. You will never find a single Ayah in the Quran without a mention of Allah (SWT), whether it is a name, an attribute, an action, a law of Him.

Consequently, one of the basic Islamic studies the Muslim should learn is to know His Lord. As Muslims, we should know Our Lord even before knowing how to pray and how to fast. If the slave learns the commands before knowing The Commander, he will do his best to evade doing it, but if the slave learns The Commander before the command itself, he will do his best to obey Him. The more you know Allah (SWT), The more you love Him, depend on Him, go to Him willingly, praise Him, worship Him, seek His assistance, entrust your affairs with Him, return to Him in repentance, etc. You will find the obligations easy for you, or even you will find your only happiness and comfort in them.

Let’s read the Quran to KNOW ALLAH by His names, attributes, and actions.

Let’s dedicate our lives to KNOW ALLAH and to be happy with this knowledge.

Let’s create a strong and eternal relationship with our Creator, Sustainer, Provider, Protector, etc.

Let’s develop the insight that help us successfully interpret our life incidents and that they come from Our Beloved, All Merciful, All Kind Lord, the One in Whose Hand is all good and no evil is attributed to Him.

Let’s put on the Quranic glasses and start to see the world and move in our lives thereby.

Let’s start to taste the sweetness of worshipping Allah with love, hope, and fear; that worship which is based on the correct knowledge of Him.

Let’s enter the Paradise of this Dunya which is mainly found in the knowledge of our Lord and worshiping, living, and moving from a name to another and from an attribute to another.


When we are in trouble, we call “Ya Allah”,

When we are ill, we worship, live, and call Allah, Ash-Shafi,

When we need money, we worship, live, and call Allah, Ar-Raziq.

When we err, we worship, live, and call Allah, Al-Ghafoor,

When our heart is broken, we worship, live, and call Allah, Al-Jabbar.




Therefore, we offer the course of reflecting upon the names and attributes of Allah (SWT).

It is 1 hour class and for adults only.

Start now to KNOW ALLAH through our names and attributes of Allah course!