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Islamic Studies for Kids

Learn Quran for Kids

Why to learn Islamic studies? The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “All of you are guardians and are responsible for your subjects. The ruler is a guardian of his subjects, the man is a guardian of his family, the woman is a guardian and is responsible for her husband’s house and his offspring; and so all of you are guardians and are responsible for your subjects.”

Teach your children the Quran and the Quran will teach them everything.

Everyone is responsible for his children and he/she should do his/her best to raise them up in an Islamic environment.

The first priority for the kid is to learn Aqeedah and to know Allah, his/her Master and Creator by His names, attributes, and actions.

When he knows Allah, he will go willingly to meet and talk to him in prayer. He/she will do his/her best in order to please Him because He is the dearest to his/her heart.

Therefore, learning Fiqh of worships comes as the second priority. He/she should learn Fiqh in order to know how to pray, fast, pay Zakah, etc.

At the same time, the kid should learn Quran and learn Tajweed. Then, he/she should learn Tafsir, at least the meanings of the words, the main theme of the Surah, and the overall meanings of each Ayah.

The kid should learn Arabic language in a young age as well in order to be easy for him/her in sha’a Allah.

In our Islamic studies course for kids, we offer all these subjects in an easy and simple way.

Noor AlQuran Academy offers the course of “Islamic Studies for Kids” in groups in an encouraging and competitive environment.

It offers great discounts for family and friends. Therefore, invite your family and friends, seize the opportunity, teach them Quran and its sciences, and take their reward in sha’a Allah.

By Allah, you will do a GREAT favor to your children when you teach them the Quran, Arabic language, and Islamic studies in their young age. They will grow up feeling gratitude to you throughout their lives.

It will be a great experience to them if they learned these Islamic studies half an hour everyday of every other day. You can feel the change that will happen in their characters, behaviors, and conduct.

They will learn with highly qualified teachers who have long experience in teaching Islamic studies for kids.

Let’s build their Eemaan together, so they develop Yaqeen, Taqwa, fear, hope, love, reliance, patience, contentment, submission, etc.

Seeking Islamic knowledge is the starting point for every goodness in their lives. They will understand the nature of this worldly life, be able to correctly interpret the incidents of their life “the divine decree”, and lead a happy and contented life in sha’a Allah.

Start Islamic studies for Kids now!