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Noor AlQuran Academy is an online non-profit organization that aims at helping you in your journey to learn Quran, understand Quran, reflect on its meanings, learn Arabic language, learn about you Lord in order to be like our prophet (PBUH) when Ayeshah (R.A.) was asked about his character, she said: “His character was the Quran”.

Noor AlQuran Academy will help you fulfill the obligation of seeking Islamic knowledge and learn the language of the Quran. It has a variety of courses to meet these objectives. You can learn from the comfort of your home.

We provide one-to-one classes via Skype or Zoom. The class is 30 minutes for Noor Al-Bayaan (Qa’idah) and Quran recitation or memorization and 1 hour for Arabic, Analytical Tafsir, and Reflecting upon the Names and Attributes of Allah (SWT), Tadabbur Sunnah (reflecting on the remembrances of Salah).

Noor AlQuran Academy
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Learn Quran & Arabic with
higly qualified native teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified teachers with a very good Islamic background. They are experienced in teaching these courses and in giving Dawah for many years. All of them are native Arabs from Egypt.

They are Al-Azhar graduates and continue their studies after graduation. They dedicate their whole lives to this BLESSED MESSAGE which is conveying the correct Islamic knowledge to all humanity and to spread the light of Quran to all people around the world.

The qualifications of our teachers:

  • Al-Azhar and Dar Al-‘Uulum Graduates
  • Islamic Studies Institute
  • High studies for education college
  • Courses in cooperative learning and building of curriculum
  • Islamic Online University
  • Messenger of Peace Academy
  • Memorization of the whole Quran with Ijazah
  • Tafsir Academy
  • Taj Al-Karamah Program
  • Translators of Dawah material and Islamic books
  • Long experience in teaching Quran and its sciences (10+)
  • Volunteers in many Dawah organizations around the world
  • Attending many online courses, trainings, programs in Tafsir and Tadabbur

At Noor AlQuran, we are all one big family aiming at enhancing the educational process, to help one another in our way to Allah (SWT), to attain His pleasure, and to be admitted together into Paradise.

Let’s re-establish our relationship with the Quran and strengthen it.

Let’s learn Quran by filling the gap between recitation and reflection in Muslim societies.

Let’s live our lives with the guidance and light of the Quran.

Let’s spend our times to fulfill our spiritual needs so that we could lead a happy and wonderful life.

Let’s return to Quran to seek the remedy for our physical and spiritual diseases so that we could live a healthy life.

Let’s know Allah (SWT) by His Names and Attributes and live under their meanings to enjoy His Company in the two worlds.


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