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At Noor AlQuran Academy, you receive the best learning experience with our certified teachers. We happily guarantee that all of our classes will be one-to-one and completely interactive. With our online Quran academy, you’ll get personalized instruction tailored to your level so you can progress faster than ever! And because we understand affordability is also important, rest assured that we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose Noor AlQuran Academy?

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One-to-One Online Quran Classes

We conduct one-to-one online Quran classes to ensure that each student gets the attention they deserve.

Affordable Prices

We understand that learning the Quran is a noble endeavor, but it should not cost you a fortune. Therefore, we offer affordable prices for our one-to-one online Quran classes

High-Quality Teachers

All our teachers are highly-qualified and graduated from Al-Azhr University. They have vast experience in teaching the Quran.

One-Hour Free Trial

We offer a one-hour free trial for all our online Quran classes. It's an excellent opportunity to experience our teaching style and interact with the teacher before committing to the course.

Online Quran Classes

Noor AlQuran Academy is there to help you learn Quran online, learn Arabic online, learn about your Lord, learn Tafsir, and learn Tadabbur. It is to say that Noor AlQuran Academy is your best place for learning Quran online and all the Islamic studies relating to it.

Noor AlQuran Academy aims at building a very strong and wonderful relationship with the Book of Allah through online Quran classes. We are here in life in a journey to Allah (SWT), but in order to successfully reach Him and entering His Jannah, we need a guide in this Blessed journey throughout our way till we reach our destination.

Learn Arabic online

Learn Arabic online

Learning Arabic, the language of the Quran, chosen by Allah (SWT), is a very important step in your journey. Additionally, learning Arabic is very exciting and interesting experience for you. The more complicated learning Arabic is, the more impressive and amazing it will be. Noor AlQuran Academy offers Arabic courses for kids and adults to help you master this beautiful language.

learn tafsir online

Tafsir classes

However, learning Arabic and learning Tajweed are only means for the biggest goal we are required to reach. Therefore, Noor AlQuran Academy UNIQUELY offers online Quran classes including Tafsir in order to be an embodiment of the Quran like our messenger (PBUH).

Learn Aqeedah online

Aqeedah classes

Moreover, the most essential thing to which we should dedicate our lifetime is to KNOW OUR LORD. Therefore, learning Aqeedah, building, and strengthening our faith in Allah (SWT) should be the top priority and main concern in the Muslim’s life. Noor AlQuran Academy is offering Aqeedah course to learn the Names & attributes of Allah (SWT)

Hence, if you seek the guidance of the Quran and want to learn Quran online, Noor AlQuran Academy is your correct place.

If you want learning Quran online to build, step by step, a very solid and strong relationship with the Book of Allah, Noor AlQuran Academy is your perfect place.

If you want to literally have a new heart full of love, contentment, fear, hope, certainty, and ALL these wonderful feelings, join us in Noor AlQuran Academy and start to learn Quran online!

foral line

Islamic studies for kids

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.”

Moreover, our prophet (PBUH) never asked for an increase in anything except seeking beneficial knowledge:

“My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” [20:114]

Importance of seeking knowledge

In order to understand the importance of seeking knowledge in even this worldly life, we can give an example:
Imagine that two kids were walking in the desert. Then, out of a sudden, they saw a lion. One kid knows very well that it is very dangerous and there is a great threat to his life, so he took precaution and he successfully dealt with the situation and saved his life. The other one had no idea about lion and thought that it was a giant cat and wanted to play with it. Consequently, the lion ate him.

Lion relaxing

Look how knowledge saved the life of the first kid in this Dunya! Similarly, knowledge is what will save you from the Hellfire. The more knowledge you have about your Lord, the messenger, the nature of this worldly life, the purpose of life, etc. the more you will be saved and the more you will win and succeed!


If you are looking for happiness here and there, but all your efforts are in vain with no tangible results, then THE TIME HAS COME to finally find it. Noor AlQuran Academy offers this life-changing experience in sha’a Allah as no wonder that the real happiness comes from within ourselves when we start to know our Rabb by learning His names and attributes, feeling His company and protection, and loving Him.

So what you’re waiting for! Join us now with our online Quran classes and start learning Quran online at home! 😉

Why Study With Us?

Various Online Courses

It offers a variety of online courses to learn Qa’idah online, learn Quran online, learn Tajweed online, and to learn Arabic online.


It uniquely offers Islamic studies courses for kids and adults, including Tafsir courses, Aqeedah courses, and Tadabbur courses.


It has highly qualified teachers with long experience in teaching online and who are certified in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. They are Al-Azhar graduates and they are highly trained to teach Quran online. So you can easily start learning Quran online with their experience.


It has very special courses for kids to start learning Quran online at home. Whichever their level, they can learn with us in a very funny and exciting way.


It offers its online Quran classes at very AFFORDABLE and COMPETITIVE prices with 1 hour FREE trial and massive DISCOUNTS.


It offers group courses in a very low price to be available for all people for learning Quran online, Arabic language, and Islamic studies.


It provides a friendly, healthy, and encouraging educational environments to learn Quran online at home with unique techniques by organizing quizzes, competitions, rewards for its students.